RE Butler

Must Love Falcons

When witch Hadlee Moreau volunteers to clean the local vet’s office after hours, she’s abducted and unconscious before she even has a chance to speak one word of a protection spell.

Anders, king of the falcon shifters, loses his ability to fly during a night hunt and is gravely injured in the fall from the sky. His men search for a healer in a small, seaside town and find a female in an animal care center who they believe is a medical doctor. They abduct her to help Anders, taking her to their island home under the cover of darkness.

When Hadlee wakes from the drugs, she knows two things: she’s never been so pissed, and the gorgeous man on his death bed is her destined mate. It’s not enough that she has to save Anders’ life, but now she has to figure out who wants the falcon king dead and how she can save him…and herself.

Must Love Mermen

Lonely merman hero? Check
Fairy heroine floundering at sea? Check
Mysterious magic? Double check

After being exiled from his merfolk tribe two years earlier, all merman Cassian wants to do is live out his life in the quiet seaside town of Sable Cove. Taking over for the lighthouse keeper and watching the shores for trouble keep him plenty busy and helps keep his mind off how lonely he is. When a beautiful fairy’s boat drifts into the cove, Cassian knows she’s his siren—the one female on the planet meant for him.

Nature fairy Ziarena is thankful to be rescued by the sexiest merman she’s ever met in her life, especially when she realizes he’s her true mate. When Cassian and Zia travel to her home, the danger they face is enough to bring something magical to life within Zia, but no one knows how it’s possible.

Can they figure out what Zia is, or will it remain a mystery forever?

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