Sotia Lazu

Cherry Stem and the Pissed-off Ghost

In the past, I let my undead status hold me back, but not anymore. After all, a vampire is perfectly placed to run a paranormal detective agency. Right?

The problem is my latest client is dead. And pissed off. And with a severe case of memory loss.

Constantine and Alex—the immortal love of my unlife and my human friend with benefits—want to help, but I'm the only one who can see the dearly departed, and that puts me in the eye of the storm.

Also, did you know there's another plane of existence out there? Well there is, and it's missing a couple lethal shifters.

Just when I thought I was done with drama...

Cherry Stem and the Undead Male Model

Constantine was cocky enough before he booked his first photo shoot. Now his behavior is so off, he might as well be a different man.

And there's something up with Alex, too. Last time he acted this erratic, a certain dead Valkyrie was haunting his dreams.

Speaking of hauntings—I'm pretty sure there's a ghost in the mansion.

Oh, and my last case involves a shifter king. Who may kill me if I don't "produce results".

All in a day's work, for this gal!

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