Bewitching the Baker

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Release Date: January 12, 2021
Series: Witchy is the New Forty #1
Length: Short Novel

The best cast spells...

Twenty years ago, Violet Amandine and her two best friends cast a love spell that went horribly awry. Since then, she’s led a chronically single life filled with awkward first dates and botched attempts at romance. After all this time, she’s afraid to get her hopes up that things could change... yet, the spell should kick in at any moment.

Thankfully, a delicious distraction has come to town. Violet’s favorite baking show is filming at the bakery where she works, giving her the opportunity to learn from impossibly attractive celebrity baker, Sorrel Glaze. Somewhere between flour and frosting, she finds her feelings for him have grown beyond a simple crush. What’s even more scrumptious? The attraction is mutual.

Just when Violet thinks her luck with love could finally be improving, she discovers a career-ending secret Sorrel has been keeping from his viewers. Will this added heat burn their budding relationship to a crisp? Or have they found the perfect recipe for a happily ever after?

Bewitching the Baker is the first book in the hot new Witchy is the New Forty series, featuring mature witches as they try to juggle love, careers, and magic, with a dose of sassy familiars, attractive men, and spells with unexpected outcomes. If you love clean paranormal romance, rom coms, and fun characters, grab this book today and let it cast its spell on you!

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