Chasing After Love

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Release Date: January 3, 2021
Series: Eros & Co. #2
Contains: ,

She's tired of being a tree.

Even living as an evergreen, Daphne can’t shake Apollo, the god cursed to relentlessly pursue her. Determined to ditch him once and for all, she returns to her nymph form and makes a break for it, hiding in the last place on Earth she thinks he’ll look. But when she ends up in humble sheriff’s deputy Sam Carson’s kitchen, she discovers she might actually want to stop running for good.

There’s only one problem.

Apollo will crush anyone who gets in his way. Literally.

Apollo’s got a big head. And it only gets bigger when he enlists his trusty assistant and muse, Calliope, to help him find Daphne before his reputation as revered victor is trashed. Hades-bent on finally getting what he’s been chasing after for centuries, he almost misses out on what’s been right under his nose the whole time.

True love.

Can the god of every damn thing learn a little humility before it’s too late?

Or will all of Olympus finally know the truth: Their ultimate winner is really a giant loser.

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