Exes and Exorcisms

It’s vampires versus shifters in this rollicking Forbidden tale of exes and enemies turned lovers.

On the hunt for a vampire with a gift for spreading disease, wolf shifter Xavier finds himself in a magical little town full of shifters. His mission is clear: stake the vampire and any others who get in his way. Ever since his girlfriend’s death at the hands of a bloodsucker, he’s set on taking out the vampires of North America.

“Clairvoyant” Kelly is torn between running away and staying in place when she learns her ex-boyfriend—a bossy, overprotective, overbearing shifter—is coming to Forbidden. Unfortunately, her gift of visions doesn’t tell her how much time she has to escape...and if she does leave, how can she protect her friends?

When Kelly and Xavier meet again, it’s a battle of banter and a war of wits. May the best vampire--or vampire hunter--win. There’s a lot at stake...get it?

The snark and steam soar in the second Forbidden Fangs novel brought to you by USA Today bestselling authors Keira Blackwood and Liza Street! If you love shmexy shenanigans and hilarious hijinks, buy your copy today!

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