Oops, I Ate the First Impression Rose

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Release Date: March 9, 2021
Series: Vampire Final Rose #1
Contains: , , ,
Length: Short NovelAdd on Goodreads

Vampire Isla Pierce is out to prove that love isn't in the cards for her. If the Our Bachelor limo ride to hell was any indication, she expects to get sent home the first night, even if she has a personal connection with the guarded leading man. Every girl she meets is even more beautiful than the last, and each smells delicious, and she's not talking about their perfume.

Sky Herveaux, the handsome bachelor and mysterious werewolf, has a few secrets of his own. He plans to expose the network’s plot of breaking hearts for sport and ratings. But when he spots Isla and experiences some kind of curse that forces him to change into his true form, he’s determined to discover the culprit keeping them apart.

The night is doomed before it begins. At least, Isla thinks it is. In a turn of events that puts everything in jeopardy, Isla’s ready to bolt…until Sky gives her a reason to stay.

Will Sky give up revenge for a chance at true love? Or will he send Isla packing to protect her heart?


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