Hot Flashes and Granny’s Ghost

It was funny when Martha started having hot flashes and set the storeroom of her coffee shop on fire…

Not to mention being incredibly helpful when I was kidnapped by a cult of Gator worshippin’ goofballs hellbent on sacrificing me to their god. I mean, come on, what could be better than seeing the stuffed-alligator-on-his-head, seriously delusional leader get incinerated when your best friend hiccups a Dragon Fireball right at his beer belly? It was worth being tied to a cypress tree stump like a pig on a spit and painted with Swamp muck and mud just to be in the front row.

But now it's my turn, and I'm not laughing.

Midlife mayhem is not all it's cracked up to be. It's worse than puberty and twice as irritating as showing up to the yearly Witches Under the Moon celebration without a date and sportin’ a hole in her underwear.

Take one Witch with her Magic on the fritz and a living room full of the ‘Recently Deceased’ who’ve randomly returned from the grave and are hellbent on calling 911 just to have someone to talk to.

Add one extremely sexy Water Dragon who lights my fire in ways I'd never thought possible but might be ready to have me committed to the Home for the Shifterly Insane.

Top it all off with a thief who sneaks in after I’m asleep just to steal the last of my Granny Judy’s Full Moon Chocolate-covered Pistachio Cream Bonbons, and you've got a recipe for disaster – or as I call it – any given Wednesday.

Welcome to my life. Enter at your own risk. I’m one seriously pissed off Witch with more than a little unspent sexual tension and a Snake named Sally Ann who refuses to help with the Ghosts camping out on my couch.

If you do happen to head my way, can you pick up some Fairy chocolate and pistachios from Betty the Brownie over in Tallulu Parish? I really need them before the next full moon.

Thanks a bunch! See ya’ soon,
Tillie Tollison, aka the Witch your momma never thought to warn you about.

What could be better than a group of the funniest, sassiest, most independent and headstrong best friends all hitting midlife at the same time? Only that their Mates are all Dragons and each woman has been blessed by the Great Goddess and the Universe with extraordinary powers, of course.

Meet the Ladies of Midlife Mayhem as they tackle, love, life, and the insanity that can only come from living in a small town with a bunch of crazy but loveable very ‘Special’ people.

I can’t wait to hear what you think of these amazing women! Be safe. Take care. And, ALWAYS Dare to Dream! XOXO, Julia