Salem Supernaturals

Rebel Spell

A hapless witch. A broken vampire.

And a mysterious death that brings them under the same roof.

When I learn I’ve inherited a house in Salem, I’m sure it’s a mistake.

Besides, I have zero desire to return to a town where I’m an outcast.

The surprises continue when I meet my tenants, including a broody vampire and a foodie wolf shifter.

But I’m only staying around long enough to sell my long lost aunt’s house.

Even when they convince me to go to a Halloween ball.

Even when I agree to pretend to be the vampire’s girlfriend.

Even when I discover his softer and oh-so-sexier side.

Because a witch without magic in Salem makes as much sense as a pig with wings. And I’ve never seen one fly.

Hot in Witch City

A wolf shifter thinks I'm his mate.
Not going to happen.

I'm half-siren and all single. No way am I giving up my freedom for some delusional furball.
Even if he's kind of cute. And considerate. And has warm eyes.
Besides, I have enough going on with running my retro rock club. And when an unexpected relative shows up there one night, it shakes me to the core.
The last thing I need is to add another complication to my life, especially something as mundane as monogamy.

Dancing With My Elf

A delusional dragon shifter thinks I need his help.

Ha. I'm a detective. Why would I need help from an exotic dancer on a case that involves dark magic? We're searching for demons, not dollars.
Lucas is persistent, as if he’s burned his brain flying too close to the sun.
But I don't need this scaly shifter's help solving crimes. Or his all-too-personal attention.
Even if he almost entrances me while he dances by rolling his amazingly chiseled abs...
Such fine abs.

No, focus. Demons are a bigger threat than my dry spell.
So whatever he's offering, is a big, fat nope.

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